Problems With Video Upload


1) Video Preview is Jittery
If the "Flipbook Effect" doesn't look smooth, this usually because your video contains fast motion, or you're trying to fit too many seconds inside the book. To fix it, just try again but trim a little shorter. 

eg. Squeezing a 4 second clip into a Flipograph, will lead to much smoother playback than an 8 second clip.

2) My Video Doesn't Fit On The Pages
Due to the shape of the Flipograph, some video will need to be cropped away for it to fit onto the pages. You can make your book either vertical (portrait), or horizontal (landscape), to get the most out of the space on the page. 

3) My Video File is "Too Large"
In a world of super HD phone cameras, video files can get pretty big. We suggest trimming the video BEFORE uploading. This will reduce the file size and make the upload quicker and easier. Then use the website upload tool to fine-tune the video length for your book. 

Most modern smartphones have an "edit" function inside their video player, this will work perfectly. 

For any other issues you're having:
Please report them to Or just use the "ask a question" dropdown below.