Our Story

I'm Carl. If you're reading this, Flipograph is my gift to you.
It has a very simple goal; to keep your treasured videos safe.

Here's how it came to exist.

During the events of 2020, scrolling back through old photos and videos on our phones became the norm. Chasing nostalgia, giving us a smile when we needed it most.

Boomerangs, saved instagram stories, WhatsApp Videos; just little reminders of what we still had to look forward to.

But then i had a worrying thought.

These are some of my most treasured moments, and i'm trusting them to the ever-changing internet. 

Fun times with friends, pets being goofy, watching our children play. All of the little wins in life are there, in our phones. 

An upgrade/lost/broken phone, a forgotten password and just like that - they're gone.

As an old-school film photographer, i understand the value of a physical photo. In 2015 i took a Film Camera and my Phone on a memorable holiday in Portugal.

Just 5 years on, the only visual memories left of that holiday are Physical Pictures from my Film Camera. The candid video memories from my phone are lost to cyberspace.

So i needed to find a way to make digital videos into the physical world.

In 1868, someone had already found the answer. They just didnt know it yet. The Flipbook.

It would be more than 152 until we'd all have the technology to keep our videos safe inside one.

152 years until Flipograph could be born.

We're the bridge between a digital video, and the physical photographs that you treasure. 

So here it is. My gift to you. A gift you can enjoy 20 years in the future, as you show your families the video memories you could have lost. 

Thank you for stopping by.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please get in touch at hello@flipograph.com