Will my Flipograph look exactly like the preview?

Yes! We created the Flipograph tool - so when you upload a video, you can see exactly how it's going to look when it arrives. This gives you a chance to adjust the lengths, test out a few videos, and see exactly what you're getting.

Will my Flipograph stay.. flippy?

We've tested multiple paper types and landed on a Coated 180GSM. This means it's thick, snappy and long lasting. Through years of eager fingers re-living their memories. 

All Flipographs come in a cardboard sleeve, which helps protect corners and hold the Flipographs flat when you store them

What is the maximum video length i can upload? 

We've set the maximum length a 10 seconds. As a general rule, the faster the motion in the video (eg, a video from a sporting event), the shorter the video you should upload. 

If a video contains less motion (a baby being gently held, or a cute video of your pet being goofy), then longer videos work fine.

If your preview doesn't look "smooth", then try reducing the length of the video you've selected.

If you have any questions, please contact hello@flipograph.com.
We're available 7 days a week to answer your questions - or just to chat!