Where are these Flipbooks made? 
All Flipbooks are printed and shipped from the UK. 

Can i see it before i pay? 
Yes! At the last step of the upload process, you'll be able to preview your Flipbook exactly as we'll print it. 

Will the pages stay "flippy" over time? 
Yes! We've tested multiple paper stocks before settling on the Flipbooks you see today. The pages are thick, snappy and long lasting. 

What video length fits inside a Flipbook?
You can usually fit around 3-7 seconds of footage comfortably inside a Flipbook. Play around with our online editor to see what works best for your clip. 

Do you offer returns? 
As our Flipbooks are fully made to order, we don't accept returns.
If your item arrives damaged we will replace it free of charge. 

For any other questions: 
Please contact hello@flipograph.com.
We're available 7 days a week to answer your questions - or just to chat!