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Keep Treasured Moments Safe, Forever.

Our phones are full of beautiful moments we've captured, but technology moves so fast theres no guarantee we'll still have them years from now. 

Weddings, fun times with your furry friend, a memorable date night, the first time you held your child. Flipograph gives you a guaranteed way to relive these moments, forever!

-A Forever Home for your Treasured Videos
-Coated 180GSM paper for smooth, snappy playback
-Modern, fully customizable cover for a Flipograph as personal as the memories inside.
-With a dust Sleeve to Protect Your Flipograph from years of love

How To;

  • Tap the “Upload a Video” button above.
  • Scroll through your gallery and find a video you’d love to look back at in 10+ years time!
  • Adjust the crop box (this is so it fits into our Flipographs).
  • Select which section of the video you’d like to include
  • Click preview!

If you’re happy with the results, complete your order and we’ll get started making your Flipograph.

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1) Video Preview is Jittery
If the "Flipbook Effect" doesn't look smooth, this usually because your video contains fast motion, or you're trying to fit too many seconds inside the book. To fix it, just try again but trim a little shorter. 

eg. Squeezing a 4 second clip into a Flipograph, will lead to much smoother playback than an 8 second clip.

2) My Video Doesn't Fit On The Pages
Due to the shape of the Flipograph, some video will need to be cropped away for it to fit onto the pages. You can make your book either vertical (portrait), or horizontal (landscape), to get the most out of the space on the page. 

3) My Video File is "Too Large"
In a world of super HD phone cameras, video files can get pretty big. We suggest trimming the video BEFORE uploading. This will reduce the file size and make the upload quicker and easier. Then use the website upload tool to fine-tune the video length for your book. 

Most modern smartphones have an "edit" function inside their video player, this will work perfectly. 

For any other issues you're having:
Please report them to Or just use the "ask a question" dropdown below. 

Will my Flipograph look exactly like the preview?

Yes! We created the Flipograph tool - so when you upload a video, you can see exactly how it's going to look when it arrives. This gives you a chance to adjust the lengths, test out a few videos, and see exactly what you're getting.

Will my Flipograph stay.. flippy?

We've tested multiple paper types and landed on a Coated 180GSM. This means it's thick, snappy and long lasting. Through years of eager fingers re-living their memories. 

All Flipographs come in a cardboard sleeve, which helps protect corners and hold the Flipographs flat when you store them

What is the maximum video length i can upload? 

We've set the maximum length a 10 seconds. As a general rule, the faster the motion in the video (eg, a video from a sporting event), the shorter the video you should upload. 

If a video contains less motion (a baby being gently held, or a cute video of your pet being goofy), then longer videos work fine.

If your preview doesn't look "smooth", then try reducing the length of the video you've selected.

If you have any questions, please contact
We're available 7 days a week to answer your questions - or just to chat!

1. How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is £2.99 for domestic orders, and £9.99 for overseas.
Shipping is FREE on all orders over £50! 

2. What is your return/exchange policy?

As orders are customised, we do not accept returns.
Exchanges are available for any items which arrive damaged. 
Simply email us at to get started 

3. How long does shipping take?

It takes us around 3 days to print, bind and ship your order. 
After this shipping takes approximately 3-5 days with Royal Mail. 

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